• 1. Who can obtain loans from Lady Lochore Loan Fund?

    TO OBTAIN A LOAN FROM LADY LOCHORE LOAN FUND YOU SHOULD BE :In a government pensionable post with 3 years confirmed service status.

    • A government pensionable post with 3 years confirmed service status.
    • Semi-government public servants with 5 years confirmed service.
    • The retiring age at the time granting the loan is considered as 55 years.
    • Able to recover 40% as loan instalment from the pay.
    • Applicant should furnish two sureties with pensionable and 3 years of permanent service.
    • Non Pensionable applicants should have one pensionable surety.
  • 2. 2. What is the maximum Loan amount that I can borrow? Or can I have 50,000 Rupees at a time?

    Maximum loan amount is Rs’.250,000(Staff grade officers). You can have a loan of more than Rs.20,000 up to Rs.100, 000/- ( Non-Staff Employees) at a time.

  • 3. What are the available loan amounts for me?

    Following loan Schemes are available:

    RS. 20,000.00 RS.1,025.00 24
    RS. 30,000.00 RS.1,538.00 24
    RS. 40,000.00 RS.2,050.00 24
    RS. 50,000.00 RS.2,563.00 24
    RS.250,000.00* RS.9,341.00* 36*


  • 4. If I submit my loan application today when I can have the loan?

    Normally in three weeks. But in case where there are issues it many take more time.

  • 5. What are the loan settlement period?

    Normally loan settlement duration period is 24 Months or by 24 instalments. For more details please refer the answer or Question No: 3above.

  • 6. Can I settle my loan before the settlement period, by increasing the instalment amount? Or can I make my settlement period shorter than the normal time period?

    Yes, you can.

  • 7. If I forget my loan file number? Can I find it?

    Yes. All you have to do is to give the account holder's National Identity Card number to our Computer Division correctly.

  • 8. If I can’t come within the 40% limit, is there any other way which would help me in getting the loans?

    No. The reason is that we are unable to recover our instalment payments if your other deductions exceed the 40% limit.

  • 9. Whom can I use as guarantors?

    You should propose two guarantors with pensionable service and 3 years of permanent service .

  • 10. If there is a refund balance in my Lady Lochore Loan Account, can I apply for another loan, ignoring the refund balance?

    No. Before applying for a new loan you should refund the balance and settle the loan account in full.

  • 11. How is the loan interest calculated, is it calculated on reducing balance basis?

    No.Your loan interest rate will be 11.5% per annum. And it will be calculated on flat rate of your loan account.

  • 12. Can I borrow an application form for my friend?

    Yes you can. You should submit his/her National Identity Card or a photocopy, to validate applicant’s identity. But if the applicant already has an account with arrears or dormant in Lady Lochore Loan Fund you can’t obtain an application form for him/her (your friend). In that case the applicant should visit the LLLF to obtain an application. You can also visit LLLF website (www.lochorefund.gov.lk) and downloadinga form free of charge.

  • 13. Can I have application by regular mails?

    Yes. You should send a self addressed 9"x4" envelop with Rs.15/- stamps on it along with an Rs.170/- money order for the application.

  • 14. How much will be for one installment?

    Please refer the answer in No.03 above.

  • 15. Should I submit recent pay sheets of mine and my guarantors?

    Yes. Yours and your guarantors recent pay sheets should be certified by the Head of the department where they are working..

  • 16. Should all three of us, the loan applicant and two guarantors participate at the interview?

    Yes. Participation of all three is a must.

  • 17. Can I receive the cheque for my loan on the same day after the interview is held?

    Yes. After submitting the duly filled C/L form you can have the cheque.

  • 18. If there are only 1 or 2 instalments remaining to be settled in my account, can I apply for a fresh loan again?

    No. But if there is a remaining loan balance in your loan account, you have to pay the balance and settle off the loan account first. Then you are eligible to apply for a new loan.

  • 19. Can I submit some one else’s application form?

    Yes. in that case the application should be duly completed by the applicant.