his1Lady Jean Lochore, a Scottish National who lived in Sri Lanka (Ceylon) for a considerable period of time had donated a sum of 300 Pounds as the basic capital to establish the Lady Lochore Loan Fund. The then Commissioner of Charity Rev. Father C. E. V. Nathanielsz took the initiative and established the Lady Lochore Loan Fund on 26th March 1927.

Since the then existed banking system was of no assistance to meetwithshort-term financial requirements of the employees in the Government sector as well as inthecommercial sector, they were compelled to obtain loan at very highinterest rates from outsideindividuals/parties Due to this reason the employees of Public and Private Sector suffered from indebtedness immensely. The establishment of Lady Lochore Loan Fund has therefor beena great relief for the public, public corporationand private sector employees.

his2 thumbAlong with the enactment of Lady Lochore Loan Trust Fund Act No. 38 of 1951 a three-storied building of its own with a residential quarter was constructed with the donations received from donors for the Managing Trustee of the Fund.

It is a pleasure to state that having confronted with divergent difficulties for a period of more than 80 years the Lady Lochore Loan Fund has managed to maintain at present an efficientand effective Loan operation system to provide Loan facilities to public employees in the whole island



lochore ladyFormer Managing Trustees of Lady Lochore Loan Fund

Reverend C. E. V. Nathanielsz 1927 – 1955
Mr. K. A. G. Albert Silva 1955 – 1989
Mr. Shelton Fernando 1989 – 1990
Mr. G.G Wikramasinghe 1990 – 1994
Mr. Saddhathissa Sakalasooriya 1994 – 1999
Ms. Kamala Ranathunge 1999 – 2001
Mr. C. D. Amarasiri 2001 – 2005
Mr. Athula. N. Jayasinghe 2005 – 2009
Mr. D.J.U. Purasinghe 2009 – 2009
Mr. U.P Hewage 2009 – 2012
Mr. W. Nimal Abesiri 2012 – 2014
Mr.S.Winston Pathiraja 2015 -  to date