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01. We grant loans to all the District Secretariats (Kachcheries) island wide.

02. In addition the existing loan schemes we grants loans of Rs.100,000/- to all applicants and Rs.250,000/- loan in granted only staff officers who serve in Ministry and Departments thereunder.

• In the event of applying for Rs.250, 000/- Loan, pensionable Staff Officers who serve in the Ministry and Departments thereunder should present two guarantors of the staff grade inthe Ministry and Departments thereunder.
• Should be within the 40% salary limit allowing deduction of loan instalments.
• Loan will be recovered on an interest rate of 11.5%, in 36 instalments.
• Loan instalment is Rs.9, 341/-
• Loansgranted from Rs.20, 000/- to Rs.100, 000/- are for 24 months (Two Years).

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