The Financial Hope of Sri Lankan Government Employees

office 2LADY LOCHORE LOAN FUND comes under the preview of the Ministry of Finance and Planning of Sri Lanka. It is one of the few government institutions operating at a profit.

The fund was established under Sri Lankan Parliament  Act No. 38 of 1951. The present premises which the fund situated at 100 3/2, SIR CHITTAMPALAM A. GADINER MAWATHA, COLOMBO 2, SRI LANAKA, is a land belonging to the Sri Lankan government given on a 99 year lease with special terms and conditions.
The excess space of the main building given on rent under lease agreement on special terms and conditions for fixed periods. There are 05 tenants occupying the vacant space.

A sustained income is generated annually through rental, which many is mostly utilized for the granting of loans, salaries of staff and welfare activities of the staff.

One need not be a member to obtain a loan from Lady Lochore Loan Fund, It is open for government and semi government employees. The borrower enjoys the benefits of repaying the loan on easy installment basis with very soft concessionary Terms and conditions.

The objective of the fund is to operate with minimum expenditure on management with no burden to the customers.